“Work toward earning your certificate, diploma, or degree from Lone Star Baptist College!”

Training Soulwinning Servants

Individual Classes:

Receive a Certificate of Completion for each course you take.

Seniors in high school, get a head start on earning college credits before you come to college!

Credit Program:

Take Courses for credit and work toward a degree

1 Year Diploma – 32 Credits

2 Year Associate’s Degree – 64 Credits

4 Year Bachelor’s Degree – 128 Credits

Audit Program:

Audit Courses for a certificate of completion

1 Year Certificate – 32 Hours
2 Year Certificate – 64 Hours
3 Year Certificate – 96 Hours
4 Year Certificate – 128 Hours

Featured Courses

1 Credit Hour

Foundations of the Christian Home

3 Credit Hours

Understanding the Book of Revelation

Courses Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Missionary Relationships on the Field