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One of, if not the most important course for the layman is one that will help develop an effective prayer life. Dr. Tom Williams is known around the world as one of the greatest men of prayer in his day. He provides 12 incredible classes on prayer. In addition, there are very informative excerpts to read from missionary Mark Tossell’s book How to Pray. Examples of many prayer warriors from the Bible and history will motivate and challenge the students.

  1.  Students learn how to develop a prayer life and not just a prayer time.
  2.  Students learn to build a greater and closer relationship to God through their enhanced prayer life.
  3.  Students learn the main hindrances to prayer and how to overcome them.
  4.  Students learn the true humility and hard work in prayer, but also the importance of making it a priority.
  5.  Students learn the holiness and seriousness of prayer, but also the faith and boldness that makes it work.